Brain Source International
is a leading Executive Search group of companies in Emerging Europe (countries of CIS and South East of Europe) providing a wide range of HR and Support Services for established multinational companies and startup businesses.

Our main benefit is that we work faster than most of our competitors in the executive search industry. Normally, it takes us up to three weeks to provide our clients with a short list of qualified candidates.

Our purpose is to help employers recruit, assess and retain most valuable management talent. We fulfill this purpose through self-improvement and inspiration to set up higher standards in the spheres of recruitment and HR services.

Our mission is to spread best practices in relations between employers and employees on job markets of those countries where our offices are located.

Our values are responsible attitude, respect, passion for perfection, aspiration for achievements.

Executive Search services

Brain Source International consultants possess the skills and experience to challenge the most complicated search assignments across a variety of industries. 

We place quality at the centre of everything we do.

We build strategic partnerships with our clients by delivering the best solution in a timely and responsive manner.

We strongly believe that our success is best seen in the success of our client companies.

Executive Search and Recruitment services

Brain Source International consultants possess the skills and experience to challenge the most complicated search assignments across a variety of industries. 

We place quality at the centre of everything we do.

We build strategic partnerships with our clients by delivering the best solution in a timely and responsive manner.

We use a mixture of direct search (headhunting), networking and advertised selection to ensure quick and reliable results.

On average, we provide a short list of a minimum of two qualified candidates within 21 days for a top management position and within 7 days for a middle management position.


Throughout the world, the dynamics of the development of IT and Telecom business has generated an increased demand for IT-vacancies. New technologies and systems require specialists who can or will be able to work with them. A very narrow and at the same time competitive IT-sphere is constantly updated with vacancies. 

Among the most current IT-vacancies in Ukraine and abroad:

• Software developers (junior, middle, senior)

• Solution Architects

• Quality Engineers/Engineers Testers

• Database administrators, system administrators, support specialists

• Specialists in the development and implementation of systems of class CRM, ERP, WMS

• Business Analysts and Management Group (PM). 

Considering all this our company is actively developing the direction of IT-recruiting and resourcing: we have expanded co-operation with existing IT service customers, and we are also attracting new ones.

For clients
Closure of IT-positions by internal resources of the company, proceeding from the specifics of the sphere, requires a lot of effort and time, which can be used to solve other problems. Our recruiting agency will help to solve all the issues related to the search and selection of IT personnel and not to "drown" in huge amounts of information related to the analysis of the market, the selection of candidates, and primary interviews.

We also offer onboarding, registration and maintenance of personnel at all stages of work and give feedback in a timely manner. Thanks to the large internal resources, we can always offer the most comfortable conditions for co-operation. The market leaders of this direction have already chosen us as a partner!

For candidates
If you are just taking the first steps in the career of IT professionals our IT-recruiters will be happy to advise you how to properly create a CV-file, prepare for a skype-interview, tell you how to successfully, and without stress, change jobs, and also tell you about the most popular vacancies on ІТ-market in Ukraine and abroad. Perhaps, is it you - the same player in the team of professionals?

Interim Management Services

This management solution is designed to challenge interim assignments (2 to 12 months) on the territory of our clients.

Such assignments may require involvement of interim CEOCFO, as well as Managers with profound experience in supply chainsHRSalesMarketingCrises and Project Management.

This solution is very effective in times of changes when a company faces periods of M&A, cost reductions, business start-ups, business shut downs, entries to new markets, launches of sales and marketing campaigns, all kinds of project management, etc.

Brain Source International provides experienced interim executives for short to medium term appointments.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment process outsourcing is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where an employer outsources or transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external service provider.

Brain Source International has been in RPO business since 2001.

Our clients benefit from RPO with Brain Source International in a number of ways:

For more than 10 years Brain Source International has been servicing our clients not only by making actual placements, but also by achieving KPI's set in our customers score cards.

These KPI's may include the following: time spent on hiring, offer acceptance rate, short list quality rate, probation completion rate, onboarding satisfaction rate, recruitment budget execution rate, etc.

Payroll & Employment Outsourcing

Brain Source International provides the following outsourcing services:

1) Payroll Outsourcing.

Research showed that organisations that retain payroll in-house spend on average 18% more than those that use outsourcing. In Ukraine the impact of global F&A and HR outsourcing market tendencies is quite extensive. It constantly provokes rapid growth of demand for such services.

Along with global factors, the local new Tax Code is good motivation for such development. In the situation when even State authorities do not comment procedure of filling personal income reports (just one of examples), transferring company risks to a third party provider might be a magic pill.

Brain Source International provides payroll outsourcing service to multinational companies in Ukraine in a package with other HR services since 2001. Brain Source International possesses sophisticated software that allows calculation of our clients’ payroll in a fast and cost effective manner. Our Payroll specialists deliver the services all across Ukraine even to the most remote locations.

2) Employment Outsourcing (Outstaffing services)

When a client company expands to a new market and wants to hire people through an agency without setting up a legal entity. For such people we become the Official Employer and take care of his/her payroll, labour books, taxes, insurance, business tools, etc.

Outstaffing services in Ukraine

Brain Source International also provides outstaffing services or the "withdrawal" of an employee as a staff unit outside the customer company with further management by the executing company.

Due to the fact that today a large number of foreign companies are entering the Ukrainian market, which place their production capacities on the territory of our country, the topic of outstaffing is as popular as never before. Also outstaffing is relevant for those employers who are forced to dramatically expand the staff in a certain season, for example, they are warehouse workers or promoters for large FMCG trading companies, agrarian and pharmaceutical companies for the period of promotion or seasonal work. In such "burning" months, the staff of temporary employees can increase by 100 - 200 people, whose official registration a very time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

Outstaffing services are also used by those companies that do not have the financial opportunity to officially expand their staff or management consciously do not want to do so for a number of reasons, and when the planned allowable staff is already fully staffed and the need for employees arises.

It is noteworthy that employees in outstaffing do not feel at all strangled, because they use the same bonuses as the "official" part of the team: insurance, food, compensation, benefits, material assistance, etc.

Among the advantages of outstaffing:

1. Minimising the costs of personnel administration.

Owing to outstaffing the employer can significantly reduce the direct costs for one employee, including social insurance, cash compensation, benefits, mandatory contributions and payments, which in general is a considerable percentage of the company's profits, and to minimise indirect costs in the form of a reduction in the number of accountants, personnel, lawyers, labour protection.

2. Removing legal responsibility for personnel

The customer company insures itself against additional risks that may arise from premature termination of contractual relations with a hired employee, as now the outstaffing company is responsible for them. Plus, the employer resigns from the obligations provided by the code of labour laws.

3. Additional staff motivation

Employees who are contracted for outstaffing are usually very well motivated, because with their effective work they can always get a job offer from the employer and become full members of the team of a large company with a good reputation in the market.

4. Increase the company's profit per one full-time employee.

With the withdrawal of some employees for the staff, the employer reduces staffing costs, thereby increasing the overall financial profit, which positively affects its financial status.

Our outstaffing services will include a full assessment of the company's existing financial performance, including staff costs, as well as an analysis of the performance of the existing staff. After our outstaffing specialists gather a full case of information on the position for which you need a temporary employee, and the terms will be stipulated - we begin to search for a candidate who meets all necessary requirements. Given the human compatibility factor, if the first candidate is not suitable - we are committed to offer two more options for replacement.

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