COSA is a professional corporate intelligence firm providing intelligence solutions for international businesses that care about security, compliance, integrity and business continuity. The core services we provide are:

  •     country risk assessment

  •     integrity due diligence and compliance checks

  •     pre-employment screening

  •     corporate investigations

Our team helps its international business clients to enter and safely operate in new markets, understand particularities of certain environments, build beneficial partner relationships and avoid co-operating with untrustworthy contractors abroad. 

COSA provides business owners, top managers, and members of supervisory boards with up-to-date information based on comprehensive analysis of the target company’s business environment both domestically and internationally, internal and external risk assessment, as well as opportunities identification through competitive intelligence methods.

We co-operate with internal corporate security and legal departments, forensics specialists and compliance officers in the course of expanding their companies’ network of contractors and workforce, running M&A and investment projects, conducting corporate investigations, implementing compliance programmes, etc. We also support FCPA investigations by identifying breaches of legal and ethical standards by legal entities and individuals.

Our team participates in cross-border investigations supporting world-renowned players with precise and in-depth OSINT and HUMINT, country knowledge and specific expertise.

COSA’s mission is to help businesses navigate uncertain environments and provide companies with information that allows them to grow successfully and confidently, regardless of any changes in the environment.

Our system analysis and HUMINT method lets our clients receive the most accurate and verified information to support their short-term and strategic goals.

COSA conducts its professional activities to the highest standards of client confidentiality, and in full compliance with international law, ethics and corporate social responsibility. We are dedicated to every project and every task. Our client-orientated approach is clearly defined in our Corporate Code of Conduct that every COSA member is obliged to comply with. We are proud to work with our clients and we develop long-term trustful relationships where each party is devoted to the business we are doing and principles of integrity, security and trust that we highly respect.

World’s leading corporations with annual revenues of more than USD 170 billion altogether have already chosen us as a reliable intelligence provider.

Our clients value our full dedication to every project and every report, as well as our exclusive decisions for specific cases, and point out such advantages of our company as:

  •     global coverage and mobility

  •     flexibility and quick responsiveness

  •     high standards and internal Quality Control

  •     highly qualified staff and experts

  •     country knowledge

  •     language skills

  •     broad source network

Our source network covers numerous industries and institutions in most Post-Soviet states, CEE countries, and the Balkan region, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Such network together with our human intelligence methods let us provide Enhanced Due Diligence and Intelligence services worldwide.

We conduct intelligence reports that are of interest for international corporations, financial companies, investment firms, individual investors, middle businesses looking for new opportunities and assessing risks, as well as public organisations. Such reports imply permanent monitoring or particular issue analysis in regard to risks and opportunities for business in a country on demand.


Our compliance team regularly conducts third-party checks and prepares compliance screening reports that cover integrity aspects of business activities of legal entities and individuals worldwide, helping clients keep track of their counterparties’ compliance.

COSA’s co-operation with multinational corporations, consulting firms and financial institutions, as well as knowledge of compliance as a self-sufficient industry gives us a clear understanding of what it takes to introduce a working compliance program in a company. We gladly share this knowledge with our clients in the markets where compliance has not yet become a mainstream, but gains popularity.

Pre-employment screening

COSA assists the world’s best employers with pre-employment screening procedures, helping them make sure of their future employees’ trustworthiness, integrity and ethical conduct.

We have developed reputational risks assessment methods that enable us to provide our clients with a highly sophisticated and far-reaching report, which would influence their hiring decision and portray candidate’s image in general. 


We pay a lot of attention to choosing those specialists that fit specifically into our industry, and those of innovative type of mind, who eventually become the valuable asset of our firm.

Our team members permanently go through COSA’s staff development program that implies certification, professional skills upgrade, language study and compliance trainings. All the above mentioned lets our clients have a whole trusted team of analysts providing them top quality professional services on reasonable conditions and in compliance with international standards.   

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