A. Offices and Classes of Business

Oakeshott Insurance Consultants Ltd (Established 1993) is an FCA registered independent insurance and reinsurance broker (No. 300236), with offices in:

Founded in 2000 as a representation of the English insurance broker authorised and regulated by The State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine.

Founded in 2018, an insurance agency controlled by Oakeshott, London. Its tasks are to carry out intermediary activities within Ukraine for medium and large corporations seeking to optimise their insurance protection.

Further offices:

  • Almaty, Kazakhstan

  • Denia, Spain

  • St Petersburg (Partnership with Max Marine)

From the foundation of the Company in 1993 the main sectors of our insurance and reinsurance practice have been as follows:

  • Marine Hull and Liability

  • Cargo and all related transportation risks by road/rail and warehousing


Further lines of business have been added at the beginning of 2000s, when Oakeshott extended its operations to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries:


B. Position and Role in the Eastern European Insurance Industry

George Grishin graduated from Moscow Finance University with a Masters Diploma in International Credit and Currency, following this degree with a PhD in Insurance Company Solvency. He was the first Eastern European to obtain the ACII Qualification and is now a Chartered Insurance Practitioner.

When he founded Oakeshott Insurance Consultants in 1993 he embarked on an extensive period of travelling and educating the market that was opened up following the Gorbachev era, but hardly anyone to guide or educate it. Oakeshott arranged frequent seminars in many centres within the FSA. Several booklets were published and George has written the only Russian language book on Marine Insurance published in the 20th Century. A further book – on Cargo Insurance – was published in 2012. Significantly, most of the books and articles are written on the basis of English law and practice, which will have the effect of spreading the influence and practices of the English insurance market.

Oakeshott sees its training and educational role as an essential service to the insurance markets and practitioners; it is arguable that in proportion to the Company’s size, Oakeshott has done more than other major brokers in relation to their size.

As a result of George Grishin’s educational background and extensive involvement with local companies and practitioners, Oakeshott has a sound and shrewd grasp of the financial position of most of the significant companies in the market. Whilst not claiming to be a ratings organisation such as Standard and Poors, we have been able to assess the financial strength of insurers and reinsurers and to avoid those entities which are likely to default.

Our professional standing is confirmed by the Financial Services Authority license No. 300236 in the UK. Lloyd’s of London has underwritten our professional indemnity policy since 1995.

Oakeshott is a member of the Association of Professional Insurance Intermediaries of Ukraine. As of 2011, we are also a member of the American and British Chambers of Commerce in Ukraine.


Company structure

The structure of Oakeshott Insurance Consultants Ltd is as follows (in brackets the year in which individuals started their insurance careers):

George Grishin

Managing Director (1984)

Barry Pierce

Marine Director (1987)

Samson Akande

Senior Accounts Manager/Compliance Officer (1987)

Katerina Grishina

Insurance/Reinsurance Specialist (1999)

Gareth Morrow

Insurance/Reinsurance Broker/Claims Manager (2001) 

Alex Mann

Insurance/Reinsurance Associate (1973)

Tatyana Babko

Head of Representative Office in Kyiv (1993)

Yury Gryshan

Head of Oakeshott British Insurance Agency (2002)

Andrey Korotkov

Head of Representative Office in Almaty (1998)

Maksim Shimchenko

Max Marine – Founder and CEO (2005)

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