Sector-specific opportunities

There are opportunities for UK business to get involved in sectors such as agriculture, education, energy, infrastructure, retail, security and defence, and many others.



You should carry out as much market research and planning as possible before exporting to Ukraine, using both desk research and visits to the market. You need to determine if there is a market for your product or service and whether your pricing is competitive.

DIT’s trade specialists can help you identify local representatives for your products in Ukraine:

DIT provides free international export sales leads from its worldwide network. Find export opportunities in Ukraine at:

For information on opportunities to supply products and services to the international aid agencies, contact DIT’s Aid Funded Business Service at:


Government tenders in Ukraine

According to current Ukrainian law (2015), public tenders must be held for the procurement of goods, works, and services if the cost of goods and services is over UAH 200,000, and of works is over UAH 1.5 million.

You can register for public procurement notifications at Prozorro, which can be reached via

In addition tender announcements for major Ukrainian infrastructure development projects can sometimes be found on the websites of the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD); the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

If you choose to have your tender bids submitted by a domestic company or consultant, you should check with DIT in Kyiv first, at: for assistance and information about third-party advisers.


Agriculture sector

Agriculture is the lead export sector in Ukraine. There are a number of UK companies already operating in this market and it offers a wide range of opportunities.

70% of Ukraine is arable land. The agriculture sector is responsible for 16% of Ukrainian GDP and 30% of exports.

By 2020 the Ukrainian Government plans to:

  • increase grain production to 100 million tons a year

  • double agricultural exports

  • triple production of high value-added products

The EBRD has made EUR 250 million of funds available to Ukraine agribusiness sector.

Opportunities include:

  • agribusiness/farm management consultancy

  • project engineering

  • agri-tech

  • animal feeds

  • crop protection products

  • animal health and genetics

  • biomass and biogas

  • ports and logistics development

Contact DIT Ukraine at: for more information on agriculture sector opportunities.

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Education sector

Ukrainian Government reforms include pilot projects on enhanced use of modern information and communications technology (ICT) for education. There is also an increased focus on the quality of English language training.

Extensive English language training is considered a must for a successful career in Ukraine. 20,000 Ukrainian students per year go to study abroad and the UK is regarded as a top destination for Ukrainian students.

Opportunities for UK companies include:

  • studying in the UK, ranging from summer camps and boarding schools up to postgraduate study

  • distance learning

  • exchange programmes with private schools/universities

  • supply of learning materials

  • development of UK qualifications in Ukraine

  • English language training and certification

  • business training

  • ICT for education

Contact DIT Ukraine at: for more information on education sector opportunities.

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Energy sector

Ukraine has a broad base of natural resources including oil and gas, coal and renewables potential.

The most recent energy sector crisis in Ukraine has led to increased interest in energy efficiency/biomass and biogas projects. Many of these are funded by the international donors.

Opportunities for UK companies in the energy sector include:

  • domestic gas and oil production development/rehabilitation of existing fields

  • energy efficiency projects

  • renewable energy (especially biomass and biogas)

  • nuclear energy projects

  • grid modernisation and capacity increase

  • upgrades of the gas transportation system

Contact DIT Ukraine at: for more information on energy sector opportunities.

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Infrastructure sector

Opportunities in the infrastructure sector are linked to donor financing.

The EBRD has channelled funds into the infrastructure sector with investment in road rehabilitation projects, municipal utilities as well as port improvements. 26% of the current EBRD portfolio of EUR 5.1 billion in Ukraine (including undisbursed commitments) is allocated to infrastructure projects.

Increased agricultural exports from Ukraine have resulted in new opportunities in ports and logistics capabilities development. Projects include new grain terminals and development of river transport infrastructure.

Opportunities for UK companies include:

  • consultancy

  • supply

  • maintenance

Contact DIT Ukraine at: for more information on infrastructure sector opportunities.

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Retail/luxury goods/e-commerce sector

Many British retail brands are already present in Ukraine and there is potential for more.

Ukraine’s well-developed delivery networks and the EUR 150 duty-free import allowance for individual customers opens up new opportunities for e-commerce exports.

Opportunities for UK companies include:

  • designer clothes and accessories

  • interior products

  • fine foods and drinks

Contact DIT Ukraine at: for more information on retail sector opportunities.

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Security and defence sector

Since the Russian annexation of Crimea and the ongoing conflict in the east of the country, rearming and modernising Ukrainian Armed Forces has become a priority for the Ukrainian Government.

President Poroshenko aims to make the Ukrainian Armed Forces fully compatible with NATO standards by 2020.

There are opportunities for UK companies to supply a range of non-lethal defence products. There is also potential business in supplying cyber security, innovative and niche solutions for:

  • cyber forensics

  • cloud security

  • mass data collection/analysis

  • audit for system vulnerabilities

  • e-government

  • critical national infrastructure protection

Contact the Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) at: to check your goods meet legal requirements for export.

Contact DIT Ukraine at: for more information on defence and security opportunities.

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